Visualising Research

over 1 year ago

Discover the power of visual communication

Utilise visual storytelling techniques to effectively communicate with your audiences.

A picture tells a thousand words. Research is full of images, diagrams, infographics and visual language. Visual storytelling can help audiences connect with your research and enhance your work in many different ways. Here we will explore the reasons why you might visually communicate your research, when you might incorporate visual elements in your research, and crucially, how to create visuals with practical tools and techniques. We will also consider the audience's perspective, who are you trying to reach, what is your message, which channels will be most effective to reach them, and how can you ensure your visuals remain accessible.

Following the session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of visual communication in research and engagement

  • Identify visual approaches relevant to your research and feel confident in applying them in a meaningful way

  • Draw on a set of simple practical tools to create high quality visual elements without the need for an artistic background

  • Appreciate the importance of audience perspective and accessibility, with the tools to make visuals more accessible and inclusive