Start your Public Engagement Journey

over 1 year ago

Find out how Public Engagement can work for you

Get to know the Public Engagement landscape and discover the possibilities tailored to your skills and research area.

This introductory session will get you started on the path to become an engaged researcher. It gives you an overview of the diverse field of Public Engagement, from science communication to research participation. We will look at the underlying principles and benefits, and how engagement can become an exciting and valuable part of your research practice. You will be encouraged to consider your own motivations for engaging, your key messages and the audiences you are looking to connect with. By bringing in local, national and international examples, we will reflect on the many faces of engagement and what next steps you can take on your individual journey. You will also get to know our wider training offer and how we can support you.

Following this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles and benefits of Public Engagement and how they connect to your research practice and career

  • Find clarity on the key messages of your research and your own motivations for engagement

  • Appreciate the breadth of approaches and formats in the field to find what suits your skills and audiences

  • Seek out opportunities for further training and professional development