Social media for researchers

10 months ago

Build your brand and connect with your audiences online

Engage effectively online through the main social media platforms and build your profile and presence strategically.

Sharing your work on social media might seem straightforward but making an impression can be more challenging. How can you ensure that the time you invest is well spe

nt and that you are not shouting into the void? This interactive session deconstructs the various ways you can successfully engage on social media as a researcher, from building your personal brand to connecting meaningfully with your audiences.

Following the session, you will be able to:

  • Define your audiences and purpose for engaging them

  • Raise your professional profile, using social media as a networking tool to build your personal brand

  • Optimise the reach of your content with key techniques for each platform and channel (Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok)

  • Plan your content creation time effectively with helpful tools

  • Understand how to make your content accessible, inclusive, safe and ethical

  • Avoid negative encounters online and feel equipped to deal with them

  • Track and demonstrate the reach and influence of your online engagement using Altmetrics