Making research accessible: storytelling and presentation skills

over 1 year ago

Captivate your audience

Create appealing stories that connect people with what matters most in your research, and learn how to deliver them with confidence

How can we share our passion for our topic in a way that connects with people, without losing what is important? This practical training session will introduce you to storytelling as an approach to accessible research communication, and the skills that will help you make compelling and confident presentations. We look at what makes a good story, with examples from culture, science and media, and how you can apply these tools in a research engagement context. We will then jointly explore useful presentation skills - from body language to jargon-free language - and practice them in a safe space. As well as discovering the value of stories, you will begin to develop your own research story with plenty of practical advice and peer feedback.

Following this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify different storytelling tools used in successful communication

  • Construct compelling narratives about your research that can captivate non-specialist audiences

  • Confidently present your research in a range of different settings

  • Develop your capacity for constructive feedback and mutual support