Interactive formats and strategies: objects, creativity and play

over 1 year ago

Create exciting activities and opportunities for interaction

Discover how interactive and playful approaches can help you create stimulating and meaningful engagement experiences for different audiences

This lively, hands-on workshop will introduce you to interactive formats and activities in Public Engagement. Play and creativity are powerful tools for learning and exploration, and they can help us create memorable experiences for a wide range of audiences and settings. In this session we will look at the building blocks of successful interactivity, such as audience agency and access. We will also explore practical formats for both creative delivery and design, from festival stalls to games and creative workshops. You will get a chance to try out different tools and reflect on their use. At the end, you will be equipped to bring playful and interactive elements into your own engagement practice to connect with audiences in an inspiring way.

Following this session, you will be able tol:

  • Appreciate how interactive and playful approaches can enhance and deepen your public engagement practice

  • Be able to design activities that give audiences agency and create comfortable spaces for exchange

  • Feel comfortable and confident delivering and facilitating different creative formats