Evaluating for impact

over 1 year ago

Demonstrate Meaningful Impact

Equip yourself with tools to evidence the impact and positive change of Public Engagement and demonstrate positive change across research and society

Successful Public Engagement benefits research, researchers and the public in a myriad of ways but how do we evidence this change, demonstrate the impact of our practice and communicate this to our stakeholder? This session will take a deeper dive into evaluation, focusing on strategic approaches and the tools that can support this work. We will look at how to create detailed project evaluation plans, the use of logic models and appropriate methodologies for measuring indicators of impact. Beyond the process of evaluation, we will also consider how to report on this data and how it can be communicated to funders and institutions. This session will build your capacity to not only plan and deliver engagement but to showcase its value in a strategic way.

Following this session, you will be able to:

  • Create a robust project evaluation plan that covers multiple objectives, activities and stakeholders

  • Feel confident designing appropriate methodologies for measuring indicators of impact

  • Apply specific evaluation formats with nuance and purpose

  • Report your findings in a clear and compelling way to communicate with influential stakeholders